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The weight-loss plan that is a scientifically devised hormonal regulating nutrition plan, with your health as the main focus: Balancing blood sugars, cleansing your liver and regulating gut flora are essential steps to lose-weight long-term and addressing any health issues.

Your personal biochemistry from a blood test will generate an individual food list for you, this Nutrition Plan is a combination of your personal information, medical history and current lifestyle choices. As this information gives an insight into the condition of your blood serums, and further key indicators that assess the levels of enzymes produced by your liver, kidney and thyroid glands as part of your metabolic pathways, as these influence your body’s ability to lose weight or maintain it.

Jen, as a Nutritional Therapist, can generate a personal health assessment for you, which will help understand your metabolic system and the limitations that impact its efficiency, taking into you account your current food and lifestyle choices this will give you a good insight to your overall health and answer some questions you may have about your energy levels and potential long term health.

What is Metabolic Balance? Listen here to Jen she will explain more 

Why Choose The Metabolic Balance® Plan?


Metabolic Balance®

Is nutritionally sound and uses real food without any gimmicks or meal replacements. You eat three nutritious meals from the foods on your personal list. With the help of the right nutrition and a few simple rules, you will establish a new regime which is easy to follow and becomes part of your lifestyle rather than a diet!

Your ideal weight

Achieving  your ideal weight can be easy, maintaining it and living a healthy happy lifestyle whilst at that weight is the hard part. You will have your own personal nutrition plan that will enable you to continue to eat well while you are on your holidays and even through the Christmas parties, you will keep losing weight into the new year as your metabolism improves.

Get started today

We all know what to do? Or do we? If you secretly knew how to overcome those limiting beliefs and address those current habits that are stopping you from achieving and maintain your ideal weight long term, what would you do? Invest in your health and become the person you know you deserve to be, you can look and feel fabulous.. I promise!

Four Phases to Optimum Health


Metabolic Balance has four phases and each one has a role to play in cleansing, re-educating, balancing and then maintaining weight and health. As everyone’s needs are individual, the level of support will vary, therefore various different plans have been designed from Jen’s clinical experience to match the amount of support, coaching and further information you will need and want in relation to your achieving your goals, for more information the four phases click here

Less than or about 14lbs too lose?

We all want to lose weight, do you want to lose 14lbs, which is about a dress size? Or do you need to gain weight and strength? Just need to focus on your health and hormones levels?


Realistically 2 stone to lose?

Have you recently had a baby or want to start a family and need to lose weight to conceive or experienced a stressful event? Then commonly about 2 stone is a good weight loss to make you feel so much better.


Over 3 stone to lose and want help? 

Have you been overweight for many years and now facing health problems too? More likely you will want to lose 3 stone or more to gain back your confidence..


Why choose Jen Adams as your Nutrition Coach?

Meet Katherine, Debbie and Laura.

How much support will you need? 

How much support do you think you will need? Commonly if you have 14lbs or less to lose then the 6-week plan is more than sufficient to control of your blood sugars and drop some body fat. If you have a few more symptoms to address such as migraines, bloating, IBS, PCOS or menopause symptoms then a 12-week support program will help you to implement the habits and behaviours for long success.

When those symptoms have turned into diagnosed health problems and you start taking medications for them, with over 3 stone to lose, then this is serious. At this point my advice is to look at the 24 week (6 months) support with extra coaching which is the Ultimate 50+ plan. The Metabolic Balance plan is where we start to cleanse the liver, balance your blood sugars and address any initial bowel issues, we then continue to work together as you get regular Nutritional Therapy sessions to keep you focused and provide you clear direction, further nutrition advice and structure, with hand holding and motivation all the way to wellness and long term health.

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